Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Town Centre parking charge reversal

I see our chums in opposition complaining about my cabinet colleague Mark Flewitt signalling an early intention to listen to public concerns and to reverse the decision to extend charging periods in some local car parks.Amazing - as part of the process we have to consult prior to introduction and this has resulted in many reasonable and justifyable concerns.It would seem that if we listen to the public our opposition friends don't like it but at the same time they are always moaning that we ignore public consultation. The truth is that when we consult we listen to what people have to say and reevaluate proposals in the light of their comments. A consultation is not a referendum but if valid objections are raised it is right and proper that we react.

City Beach and other projects

On sunday I went to look at our four new road schemes in action. Traffic flow through Kent Elms Corner, Cuckoo Corner and Victoria Circus was good notwithstanding the high number of visitors drawn to the seafront for a hot bank holiday weekend. Meanwhile the central seafront was packed, with the atmosphere of the area transformed by the improvements. In particular the new fountains were a major draw as were the new lights as the evening drew in. All great news for the town and for our seafront traders. How about some of the moaners who have spent the last 18 months complaining accepting that the short term hassle was worth the long term gain.

Lb Dem straddles fence on new library

It was entertaining to see Lib Dem Leader quoted in last week's echo doing his best to straddle the fence on a major issue as usual! The item was based on him questioning the plans for a new library whilst at the same time stressing that he was not saying that he was opposed to it. Come on make your mind up one way or the other - you have had every opportunity to see the proposals which will be to provide a joint public, further education & higher education library bringing together the resources of our library service as well as the resources of Essex Uni and South Essex College. Not only will this provide a facility suitable for a cutting edge library service being a ground breaking alliance between 3 public bodies but will also allow members of the public access to these academic resources and will reduce the revenue costs of all three organisations both because of the energy saving design but also by sharing the maintenance and operating costs. If you want to oppose this plan then say so but if not do not try to create doubts which are not justified on the basis of the information you have available to you. I suppose we should not be surprised - this is from the party who duringthe recent budget debate castigated the Labour group for the economies being unavoidable as a result of the actions of the last government, criticised the Conservative Administration for making the cuts identified but failed to make any amendments or alternative proposals.