Friday, 22 October 2010

Time to deliver!

When I first stood for election in West Leigh some four and a half years ago it was a popular refrain on the doorstep to be asked when Southend Council was going to stop talking about exciting new plans using pretty artist impressions and actually start delivering some real improvements to the town’s infrastructure.
Well I don’t think anyone can dispute that things have changed. For the second year in a row we will be delivering over £100M of investment into the roads, schools and facilities of the town and we are seeing the imminent conclusion or significant progress to schemes as diverse as the new schools at Belfairs and Hinguar, the swimming and diving pools at Garon Park, the pay on exit multi storey car park under the University’s “lego building” providing safe and convenient town centre parking, the improvements to Warrior Square Gardens, the new visitor centre at Priory Park, the pier head improvement works and redevelopment, the reopening of the historic cliff lift, the new youth centre at Shoebury, the sea front cycle track, and so the list goes on. This represents real investment in the future of the Town making clear that we are open for business.

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