Friday, 14 October 2011

Youth Council - Question Time

I was on the panel of a special Question Time arranged by the Youth Council for local schools and colleges.Ages ranged from Year 6 to A Level students and there was a wide range of questions. The event was well run and was a great demonstration of the interest our young people have in the town and its challenges. Well done to the Youth Council for making the arrangements.The panel consisted of myself, 2 cabinet colleagues Mark Flewitt & Derek Jarvis, the 3 opposition group leaders and our local police Divisional Commander. It was slightly surreal to spot another member of council attending the event in the audience - not exactly a member of the target audience for the event and certainly too old to be an active member of the Youth Council. I would have thought that he heard enough of us at council meetings but let us hope he learnt something from our responses!

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