Friday, 27 July 2012

Pier Building open at last

It has been a repeated pledge of our administration that we would reinstate a building at the end of the Pier and that in doing so we would follow the wishes of the public in the consultation carried out some years ago. It has not been easy. First there was extensive work to the structure of the Pier together with the necessary fire detection and protection systems, the withdrawal of the promised funding and yet another boat collision. However we have got there and the new building is a dramatic sight from the shore being a perfect blend between the listed pier and the dramatic and modern building. Having been in the building it provides some dramatic display space both inside and out and marvelous views to the sea and shore.The first of a busy calendar , a Southend Comedy Festival, has been a great success and promises to return next year. If you have not done so yet I would urge you to visit the end of the Pier and enjoy the perhaps forgotten pleasure of a stroll into the estuary with great views all round and the treat of the new cultural centre to reward you at the Pier head.with

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