Sunday, 2 September 2012

Tony Tomassi

Very sad news this week with the death of Mr Tony Tomassi, a freeman of the town, but also an essential part of our recent history through his longstanding and popular High Street restaurant. As a child the ultimate holiday or weekend treat was a visit to Peter Pan's playground followed by a visit for lunch or tea to the Tomassi restaurant. Originally on the east of the High Street the main course was good but only the warm up act for the real treat for any child - the amazing selection of Ice creams. Initially it was the Ice cream Clown but as the years passed there was a brief dalliance with the Coca Cola Float (or at least that it was I think it was called) and then onto the ultimate - the Knickerbocker Glory.And every visit incomplete without a welcome from Mr or Mrs Tomassi always on hand to check that everything was perfect. It was an experience subsequently enjoyed by my children and whilst the restaurant may have now crossed the road and introduced some new twists the old magic remains. Whilst it is now in the safe hands of the next generation the reassuring presence of Mr Tomassi remained often on hand. I can't pretend to have known him other than exchanging pleasantries from time to time although I was at school briefly with one of his sons and know his daughter Anna well through politics however I will still greatly miss him. It is a particular frustration that I will be unable to attend his funeral on tuesday which clashes with a full public cabinet meeting but we will be honouring his passing with a minutes silence at the beginning of the meeting and I know that I will struggle not to think back to those glorious days of Clowns, Floats and of course the Knickerbocker Glory!

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  1. Yes, indeed a sad loss and he will be missed by many.

    My family have always enjoyed visiting Tomassi's and I can still remember when they had a restaurant in Rayleigh as well!