Thursday, 7 March 2013

The apple in the eye of the Prime Minister

Whilst on the subject of the City of Culture bid it was great to attend an event on Monday hosted by David Amess at parliament which was aimed to sell the strengths of the Town and our bid to ministers, mps and anyone else who would listen. In his inimitable way, and ably supported by James Duddridge, David beat the drum for us supported by a number of our local businesses and the Council's regeneration team. Thanks to all involved. The best moment was during a brief speech by Eric Pickles who commented that Southend was to him and the Prime Minister " the apple of their eyes". One thing is for sure-we will not let them forget this interesting admission!

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  1. Oh, I misunderstood. I read 'apple in the eye of the prime minister. This lead me to believe that the Tory backbenchers and the Tory faithful where throwing rotten fruit at the PM's face for not being right wing or misanthropic enough...