Friday, 26 July 2013

Lower Thames Crossing?

As the Government continues to press ahead with consultation on 3 possible locations for a new crossing point I feel frustration with the process. Clearly the tolls remain a major issue disrupting traffic flow and damaging transport links between Essex and Kent. The original plan was that when the bridge had been paid for the tolls would go - well clearly there is no chance of that whatever the colour of the government. So the second best option is free flow tolling however whilst this is being implemented the speed is akin to traffic speed across the bridge on a Friday afternoon rush hour. In the meantime the promise to lift the barriers when the queues become too long is rarely implemented. The other pressing issue is the promised improvements to junction 30/31. Whilst confirmed again recently by the Chancellor where is the progress or the detailed proposals? Until these 2 priorities have been implemented it is impossible to judge what effect they will have on flow and allow this to inform the mid term strategy. In the meantime this restricted consultation continues. I fail to understand why it is so limited. Why not consult on a link further to the east. It would certainly help Southend and would start to identify a route from the ports to the north steering well clear of the M25 which does not only struggle with traffic flow at the crossing.

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