Friday, 7 March 2014

Bastille at Alexander Palace

I am a great believer that few evenings out are bettered by a good show or concert. Last night I was persuaded to take my wife and daughters to see Bastille at the Ally Pally! Not a group that I have listened to much but they seem to be one of the bands of the moment. I have been to a rock concert at this venue once before seeing Florence & The Machine. It is a great setting being perched high above London with amazing views, although the public transport links are a bit of a nightmare and having a lift both ways made the evening far more civilised - particularly with an early start for work the next morning. It has an outer hall with a good selection of food and beer and some live music to get everyone in the mood. My one whinge was the queue for food which seems a little ridiculous as they must know the level of demand they will need to meet. As for Bastille and the 2 supports it was worth the trip with good performances, lighting and a lively atmosphere. Even better I was not the oldest person there as I saw at least 5 people who looked significantly more aged. I have always said then when I am the oldest person at one of these concerts the time may have come to stop going but I think that actually I will wear it as a badge of honour.

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