Monday, 26 May 2014

A tough choice for Labour

As the party Leaders in Southend reflect on last week's results, take soundings from their group members and start tentative discussions with the other leaders there can be little doubt that the one with the greatest challenge is Labour leader Ian Gilbert who finds himself in the potentially difficult and dangerous position of king maker. If the Independent Party and UKIP continue their pre election approach and combine behind a single leadership candidate their position is simple. Tory John Lamb as leader of the largest group will also no doubt put his name forward as Leader. All straight forward so far but leaves both camps we'll short of the necessary majority. Lib Dem Leader Graham Longley and his four colleagues don't have the numbers to influence the outcome one way or the other and will no doubt try to wangle some return for their support for the eventual winner. So this leaves Ian Gilbert and his Labour colleagues who can deliver victory to either John lamb or the Indie/UKIP ticket. They have to do something but what! Do they support an Indie leader who is likely to be more opposed to their core policies than any other party group or support either directly or indirectly John Lamb's challenge. This is of course given a further interesting twist by Ian's position as parliamentary candidate for Southend East and Rochford. Does he throw his support behind a party he will be fighting in 12 months time and will he be forgiven for engineering a Tory as the next Leader. Fascinating stuff and all out of the control, either direct or otherwise, of the residents of the town.

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