Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Wolf Hall & C2C

On Saturday I was lucky enough to have tickets to see the RSC production of Wolf Hall. I read the book and quite enjoyed it although did struggle a little with the writing style and was intrigued as to how they would compress such a weighty book into a production of under 3 hours. In the event it was fantastic. The plot was quick moving, the acting first class and with a combination of good storytelling, humour and poignancy it was completely absorbing. We have toyed with the idea of getting tickets for Bring up the Bodies on the same day but decided that it might be overkill. Now I can’t wait for the second show which is booked for August. As usual we travelled by rail using C2C from Leigh. I am a great supported of the improvements C2C have delivered on the line over recent years and (if this apparently never ending franchise process ever comes to an end) hope that they are successful. However one whinge is that whilst I appreciate that they are rolling out better ticketing systems it was frustrating to arrive mid morning on a Saturday to be faced with a reasonably long queue at the one manned ticket office with queries on connecting journeys, season tickets etc meaning that it was not moving fast. We were tempted to use the automatic machines and yet the cheapest price we could find for a Travelcard was in the region of £20 so we persevered at the ticket office and were able to buy our tickets at just over £10 each. Why the difference and why were the cheapest tickets not easily available from the automatic machine?

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