Tuesday, 5 August 2014

West Lothian (part 2)

On 25th July I commented on the Independence vote in Scotland and the probability that if the “no” vote wins we would see increased devolution of power in any event. I see from today’s joint announcement from the Leaders of the Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems that this offer has now been confirmed as a further incentive for the Scots to reject the breakup of the union. However as I said before this continues to increase the need for all major political parties to face up to the West Lothian question and to reassure the English as to how we are to be protected from a ridiculous situation where decisions on issues in England, which in Scotland are being taken by the Scottish parliament, may be taken by a House of Commons distorted by the voice of Scottish MPs and potentially in line with decisions of a government only in place because of election results in Scotland. When the outcome of the Scottish vote is known it will be time for the English to start pressing harder for this tricky question to be finally and fairly resolved.

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