Friday, 19 September 2014

Scotland decides.

I am delighted at the outcome of the Scottish referendum and hopefully this issue will now be put behind us for many years. I do believe that a yes vote would have had an immediate and adverse effect on the economy of the entire UK which is something we do not need at present. I even informally predicted a 55/45% split. In earlier entries I have commented on this issue and the need to now address the West Lothian question. I am delighted that the PM specifically mentioned this in his reaction to the vote. If, as seems reasonable, Scotland is to receive more devolved power we need to ensure that the interests of the rest of the UK are also protected and this means urgent action to ensure that decisions in England on issues which have been devolved to Scotland are taken by English MPs. The Barnett formula also needs to be considered and there would appear no better time to address these challenging issues than in the aftermath of this vote and the agreement of further devolved powers.

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