Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Thanks to all who have sent their best wishes following my recent eye operations. Things do seem to be slowly improving although my sight remains some way from fully back to normal as yet.


  1. Actually, it is remiss of me not to wish you the speediest of recoveries. My apologies for my tardiness in this regard, and I hope it does not detract from your blogging.

    In case your eyesight is a little diminished, I remind you that the people's flag is deepest red.

    1. Julian

      Thanks. It has caused problems with computer work but is (hopefully) slowly on the mend.

      Funnily enough having listened to your leader's conference speech my impression was that the red was fading fast!

      I'm sure there was enough comment I wanted to make but I have forgotten it - still hopefully nobody will notice.

  2. Look after your eyes - advice I find easier to give than take! I was told off recently for not having my eyes checked out more frequently than I do; particularly as my father had glaucoma (which is inherited).

    Perhaps the bit you forgot to add was about your late conversion to socialism?