Monday, 3 November 2014

My greatest Albion team!

Having been away for a few days I had the opportunity to give some serious thought to that ultimate sporting challenge – naming my best all time West Brom team.

Oh the hours of pondering but I have just about got there. I decided that I would exclude any current players. Their time may come in the future. I also had to take some liberties with team positions although a number of my team played in more than one shirt over their years with the team and I am confident would be more than able to rise to any challenge I may be setting them. I have to admit that the one position that I have had a simply impossible choice is in my selection for my central attackers. The options are simply too strong and a change at half time would be unavoidable.

Anyway here goes. In goal John Osborne. A back four of Don Howe, John Wile, Ray Barlow and Jessie Pennington. My dynamic and attacking midfield would feature Billy Bassett, Bryan Robson, Tony “Bomber” Brown and Laurie Cunningham. Finally my starting forwards would be Ronnie Allen and Jeff Astle.

My subs bench would feature Ray Potter as my reserve keeper, Derek Statham and Allie Robertson in defence, Asa Hartford to cover midfield and further ace attackers in Cyrille Regis, WG Richardson and Derek “The Tank” Kevan.

Some of those just missing out included Russell Hoult, Graham Williams, John Kaye, Willie Johnson and Tommy Glidden.

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