Friday, 28 August 2015

Who to vote for as Labour Leader?

I was tempted to apply to vote in the Labour leadership election but allowed my conscience to get the better of me as it didn’t seem very “British” to attempt to influence an issue relating to a rival party.

Having said that I would have struggled to decide who to vote for. I know that the popular view is that a win for Jeremy Corbyn will condemn the Labour party to losing the next general election but I am not so sure. It seems to me that Mr Corbyn and his policies are so unelectable that even an organisation as chaotic as the Labour Party will manage to ensure that he is ousted before that time, with the risk that having made one monumental error they may stumble across a candidate who actually presents a more electable face.

My inclination would be to vote for Andy Burnham. He would inevitably make it through to the next election, and as his performance over recent years and in particular the leadership election has demonstrated, he makes Ed Miliband look effective. My view has been strengthened by news that local Labour leader Ian Gilbert has indicated his support for Mr Burnham. As a local politician who has led his group in to the current hotch potch council administration and supports the damaging decisions being taken by current Leader Ron Woodley I would question his judgement on effective leaders!


  1. I was tempted to introduce this comment with "miaow"! However, I will content myself with repeating my belief that Liz Kendall would make the best Labour leader, and my view is untainted by the desire to see Labour vanquished.

    I also hold the view that Theresa May would make a good replacement for Mr Cameron, and if I was hoping for the most ineffective leader for the Tories I would wish for Boris - Mr Johnson's buffoonery would charm for a short time, and be distastrous thereafter.

  2. It is interesting that you have given your support to the candidate who, in terms of policy, is furthest away on the political spectrum from Jeremy Corbyn, who if we are to believe the media is likely to win. It will leave you in an interesting position if the predictions are right in presumably pledging support to a leader who will be pulling the party and its policies ever further from your comfort zone. Any Tory Leadership election is some years away yet and so it is much too premature to speculate on who will be the candidates and who I will support.