Friday, 4 March 2011

Budget Debate

It was the budget debate last night and I continue to be perplexed by the attitude of our three opposition parties.Cllr Longley on behalf of the Lib Dems criticised the Labour Party for creating an economic situation where cuts of £15.5M were required and then criticised the Conservative Administration for making them, without giving any alternative suggestions or proposals of any kind. If he accepts that cuts have to be made and he doesn't have alternative suggestions it seems ridiculous to oppose our budget. Cllr Woodley on behalf of the Independents once again demonstrated (at considerable length) that he either doesn't understand public finance or chooses to mis interpret the information provided to him. Once again no amendments or alternatives but simply opposition to our budget without sensible reason. Finally Cllr Gilbert on behalf of the Labour Group, who is simply in denial that there is a national deficit or that it has anything to do with his party - once again no alternatives or amendments but just opposition. Tey even fail to acknowledge the progress the council has made in all areas of service provision over the last 4 years. So much for constructive opposition!

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