Thursday, 10 February 2011

Airport latest

We now have confirmation that having had her application for Judicial Review thrown out at the first hurdle the legally aided SAEN supporter is now asking for a review of the decision at an oral hearing. I don't know whether this latest step is also legally aided but if so let's throw some more public money at this! Whatever may be suggested to the contrary anybody who loses an application for JR at the this point may apply for a review hearing without any leave or approval of the court so long as the application is lodged within 7 days. This next step does not indicate that anybody (other than SAEN and their supporter(s)) thinks the original decision was wrong. In the meantime the majority of residents, whichever side of the debate they are on, want to move to the debate on the lease variation so that the choice is clear - airport expansion with runway extension and enviromental controls or airport expansion with no extension or controls. The planning decision was taken following the specialist advice of council planning officers, was reviewed by the then Secretary of State and approved, and how now been ratified by a High Court judge on a very clear cut basis.

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