Friday, 3 June 2011

Cllr Van Looy - the saga continues

I see that Independent Party councillor Paul Van Looy is trying to justify his decision to sit on only 2 working parties and 1 outside body by suggesting that he can turn up to any committee and speak anyway. We were previously told that the delay was “…whilst he learnt the ropes” but now he seems able to advise us all on council procedure – except of course he is wrong. It is not the case that any councillor can just turn up to any committee, speak and then disappear off. The opportunity for such input is limited as otherwise we might as well just put all 51 councillors on everything! He also tells us that he is working with his group who will soon be issuing details of their policies. That should be interesting as we are always being told that they are not a formal party and have no common line or policies but are only in a formal group to obtain adequate representation on committees. Finally he suggests the Town has a record deficit and disastrous policies. The current borrowing level is in line with most other authorities and in accordance with government expectations. If he thinks it should be less then what are the list of council funded initiatives over recent years which he would not have undertaken – certainly no opposition was voiced by his party colleagues during past budget debates or when reviewing the regular treasury management reports. As for policies try reading the many recent external reports on council services before you make unfounded and incorrect assertions – alternatively you could earn your council allowance and actually attend some committees when you might find out the actual position.

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