Thursday, 16 June 2011

Do the Independent Party have a whip fetish?

In his latest comment in the Leigh Times the Independent party leader embarks on another of his regular moans suggesting that local conservatives are "chicken" and that our leadership is bullying and a political dictatorship relying on an annually elected whip. Frankly I almost expected him to hold me personally responsible for global warming, the country's economic woes and problems with the England football team but at least he stopped short of that. It is interesting to note that he continues to focus on negative campaigning and misinformation of this type whilst still bemoaning the negativity of party politics - a pat on the back for anybody who can spot the inconsistency! The reality is that the policies which are put forward are those of the Conservative group and not just the cabinet and all members of the group have the opportunity to influence their development and do so in a constructive and effective manner.In addition in my 4+ years as group leader we have never enforced a party "whip" or instruction on any issue and recognising this the redundant position of whip was scrapped a couple of years ago.Still no point in letting a few factual inaccuracies get in the way of typical Independent claptrap. It is also a pity that rather that wasting a great opportunity to get his message across to the electorate he still fails to give any indication as to what his party would do differently. Wot no policies!!

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