Thursday, 1 September 2011

Leigh Police Station Closure

I was amused to read in the latest edition of Leigh Times that local Liberal Democrat Peter Wexham is trying to suggest that I am responsible for the closure of the front desk at Leigh Police Station. This interesting allegation is based on the fact that I have had the temerity to speculate that with the Adult College about to transfer from Leigh Community College to Belfairs School there is an opportunity to consider future uses for the significant area of land in Elm Road which is in public ownership and to query whether it could offer a solution to the ongoing parking stress which understandably frustrates residents, traders and visitors to central Leigh alike. Perhaps I should be pleased to think that my musing on the issue would have such an immediate effect on the Chief Constable's strategy for future policing in the town but no - come on Peter get real. Do you want to hold me responsible for the poor weather, global economy and recent riots as well! Whatever the future of the police station the remainder of the publically owned site offers opportunities which should not be lost on any local politician, particularly when in the same eiditon you are whinging that Leigh is losing out on highway investment to West Leigh.For my further thoughts on the issue of policing in Leigh see my next post.

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