Thursday, 1 September 2011

Leigh Police Station (Part 2)

You did not have to visit Mystic Meg to work out that any significant police restructure was likely to have implications for the front counter at Leigh Police Station. The reality is that the number of callers is small and in the face of the cuts required by the Coalition Government (who I assume Peter Wexham and his Lib Dem colleagues support) caused by the financial mismanagement of the last government (couldn't leave Labour out)decisions of this kind are unavoidable. For me I would rather prioritise a police presence on our streets rather than behind a police station counter as that is where the vast majority of us have day to day contact with our local force. If the Chief Constable can provide good cover on the streets of the Town by reorganising accomodation then in my view he is to be supported. However what I do feel remains important is that with the large number of restaurants, pubs and bars in Leigh and its thriving night time economy the police retain an obvious and outward presence, whether at the current station or otherwise, to provide reassurance to us all and deterence to those who seek to act irresponsibly. I shall continue to maintain pressure on the Chief Constable to achive this end.

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  1. Your suggestion to level the police station the town hall and the community centre and build a car park is nasty, stupid and insensitive given the fact we have just been told that the developers who bought the St Clement's Hall site will not be building a community centre as originally promised. The deception and corruption that this highlights makes me sick to the stomach. Please - no more demolition of Leigh landmarks.