Friday, 3 February 2012

Marine Parade parking - the ongoing challenge

The recent survey into parking stress across the Marine Estate has failed to highlight any clear messages.

The overall response rate of 45% was very high for a survey of this kind but of those responding 58.7% did not consider that there was any parking problem in their street and 59.8% said they would not be supportive of any type of parking controls being introduced.

This is very frustrating for those residents who feel strongly that action is required however it is important that any measures have the clear support of a majority of effected residents.There have been many examples in the past where a scheme appears to have support but following implementation the "silent majority" express their anger. This is even more relevant where funds are tight and where it is essential that the few schemes implemented have public support.

The survey did result in a number of more localised suggestions and we will continue to work to identify and implement changes which do have majority support and help to resolve the problems caused by excessive commuter parking and, rat running and speeding.

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