Friday, 2 March 2012

Budget Debate

As usual a long and rather frustrating debate last night resulted in approval of the Administration's proposals. Surprisingly whilst opposition members spent lengthy periods criticising the Conservatives and moaning about specific savings they made no alternative suggestions, made no formal amendments and did not even vote against the budget! These proposals have been on the table since January so they can hardly say that they have not had the time or the opportunity. My favourite comment came from Independent Party member Cllr Chalk who said that she was unhappy about the increase in the cost of meals and wheels and would give consideration to alternatives. It was necessary to point out that she had already had over 6 weeks to come up with something and as the budget now had to be approved it was too late.These are difficult times and there are hard decisions to take but it really is time that certain members of the opposition groups stepped up to the mark and started representing the residents who elected them. They either agree that we have made the best (but hard) choices and support the budget or come up with alternatives and propose them so that they can be considered and debated. If they have good ideas that we have not thought of then why we would ignore them. For the 5th year in a row my message to them is the same - put up or shut up!

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