Friday, 12 October 2012

Cllr Ware Lane - jammy dodger?

Worrying news has reached my ears about Council new boy Julian Ware Lane who on his blog has been vocal against the provision of free food to councilors. My source (who must remain confidential but is a member of an opposition group!) assures me that at last night’s council meeting Cllr Ware Lane was spotted tucking into a free jammy dodger supplied at the expense of the council tax payer. I find it hard to believe but the public must be told. Is there a crumb of truth in this or is someone trying to drop Cllr Lane in the red and sticky! In any event I will not mention my source – except perhaps in exchange for a free bourbon.


  1. Nigel, you at leat get my surname right - it is 'Ware-Lane'. Perhaps I should start calling you Cllr Croft!

    Yes, I confess to consuming a packet of three jammy dodgers. But as you should be aware, I have never been opposed to providing some sustenance, only to the additional burden of £800 per full council meeting that would result from a Council Tea. This additional burden in an era of Tory imposed austerity is plain wrong.

  2. Well there was me thinking that it was a stand of principle against free food for councillors! Perhaps let them eat cake!

  3. Perhaps you should have done your research, you would have found that I have said nothing of the sort. To make things easier here is a link to my original post -

    By the way, my surname has a hyphen. Can I politely request that you spell my surname correctly? Thanks!

    1. Thank you for this further feedback but I try to avoid political blogs wherever possible! Still its good to know that the modern Labour party has not lost it's sense of proportion or humour.

  4. So, Cllr Holdcroft, you mention my blog in this post then claim in a comment not to read it. I'll leave you to guess what that makes you. In the meantime, deliberately misspelling my name is rude - and yes, I am humourless when it comes to rudeness.