Friday, 12 October 2012

Taxi drivers – part of our public transport service

Like many others I was disgusted at last nights council meeting by Leigh Liberal Peter Wexham’s description of the Town’s taxi drivers as “mafia” and indeed his refusal to withdraw the slur notwithstanding the opportunity provided to him by my colleague Cllr Tony Cox. I sometimes wonder whether councilors so used to an empty public gallery forget that they are speaking as representatives of the community at a public meeting. In my view his comment is wholly unacceptable. In Southend we are fortunate to have an extensive taxi service which makes all parts of the town accessible around the clock and compares very favourably with the service available in many towns and cities across the country. At times where there is either no cover by the bus and train services or times are limited our taxis provide an essential means of public transport to our residents providing a safe and reliable transport system. In my view this service should be acknowledged and its providers not unfairly vilified.

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