Thursday, 24 January 2013

Black sack challenge

One of the budget proposals which has gained some attention over the last few days is the suggestion that we should stop supplying free black rubbish sacks to all residents delivering a saving of about £50K. It will be interesting to see how the debate plays out over the next few weeks. The reality is that for those who embrace recycling and utilise the pink sacks and food caddies the black sack rubbish is very limited. Unfortunately after some good progress on driving up recycling rates it is proving difficult to take the next step. Recycling is important not only to help save the planet but also because local authorities face major financial penalties if we are unable to reduce the levels of land fill. Perhaps the lack of free black sacks will encourage reluctant recyclers to consider the proper use of pink sacks. in addition to this there is a saving and I have to wonder whether it is a good use of increasingly stretched resources to fund free sacks for all when the cost from local stores is minimal and certainly affordable for the vast majority of residents. I would rather spend precious resources on maintaining weekly collections.

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