Sunday, 20 January 2013

The age of inexperience!

Watching the Andrew Marr show this morning Nigel Farage made the point that of the three main party leaders none of them had ever had a "proper job". It is interesting that all the main parties seem to be encouraging the selection of an ever younger slate of candidates who no doubt they feel will appeal to the elusive younger voters and be better suited to this media friendly age. It also reflects the apparent increase in the numbers of "professional politicians" who seem to move from school to university to some political advisor type of role before being selected for, and subsequently elected as a members of parliament. Of course with all generalisations of this kind there are many examples of exceptions to the rule. It is interesting that this apparent trend in selection approach has not as yet improved the public view as to the merit of our elected representatives. I can understand why Mr Farage feels that this is a stance which may appeal to the electorate many of whom may well feel that members of parliament who have experienced more experience of life away from Westminster, running their own business or experiencing first hand the delivery of services to the public are better placed to serve in the House of Commons. I suppose like all things the best option is a Mix of the two extremes and those in between the two. The question is whether the main parties are moving too much away from such a mix.

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  1. Some of us get to the age of 53 and still feel inexperienced!