Friday, 20 December 2013

Independents & UKIP announce election pact

It is no great surprise to note that Southend's Independent Party and UKIP have announced a pact at the next local elections and that they will work together post May 2014. Obviously this is subject to one rather large hurdle namely UKIP getting any candidates elected however in any event it represents a further bizarre twist in the enigma that is the Southend Independent Party. They already act exactly like every other party grouping (releasing common literature, having group meetings, taking group decisions, electing a leader who takes the resulting financial allowance and regularly voting together) missing only a clear and shared political philosophy which prevents them adopting a clear positive manifesto of commonly supported initiatives. This is not surprising bearing in mind their vastly different party political backgrounds and beliefs. They call the Conservatives "nasty" and yet constantly produce the most negative material of any of the party groups and allege the other parties operate a whip whereas the voting records show that if anything they are more likely to vote en bloc than the Conservatives who have no whip. They now announce a pact with a group who are at the different end of the political spectrum to many of their members and who have declared no package of Southend priorities or policies. How can the group which tries to herald their "independent" approach on every issue pre bind themselves to a political party of any colour. Surely it is not the case that this motley group are no more "independent" than anyone else and are simply interested in getting control whatever compromises they have to make to get it? I have no problems with a desire to take control but just feel that voters are entitled to a little honesty and a clear indication of policy priorities if party groups are elected.

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