Friday, 10 January 2014

Some nice post Xmas exercise!

For many reasons January is not the greatest time to hold a council by election but this year in West Leigh we have had no option and are now working hard towards election day on 23rd January. We are lucky to have an excellent candidate in Georgina Phillips who is young, enthusiastic and lives in the middle of the ward. In fact three of the four candidates actually live in West Leigh with only UKIP looking further afield. Generally I enjoy doorstep politics whether delivering leaflets or canvassing although this is not easy during a short campaign hampered by dark evenings and some pretty unpleasant weather. Having delivered a couple of leaflets before Xmas, one linked to the election and the earlier one a usual ward newsletter, I am now waiting for the next box of leaflets. As my wife and daughters have pointed out a lengthy stint of delivering may help to shift some the the weight added over Christmas - rather hurtful I thought! Having said that a few hours delivering with iPod at full blast does give a great opportunity to revisit parts of my music collection. This years favourites have been a combination of new and old, both having that essential beat to help avoid unnecessary dawdling namely The Clash and The Vaccines. Give 'em Enough Rope has always been my favourite Clash album unlike so many others who veer towards London Calling and the last few weeks have persuaded me to remind myself of the other Clash albums in my collection!


  1. It is a pity you do not share The Clash's politics! Anyway, my favourite is the first album - recorded in the same amount of tine it took to record the drums at the beginning of Tommy Gun.

  2. I will revisit the first album. I suppose that it has something to do with the idealism of youth but have to admit that socialist supporters usually produce the better rock music!