Thursday, 23 January 2014

Well done Georgina

Conservative candidate Georgina Phillips successfully held West Leigh in the Southend By Election today. She polled 743 votes, the Lib Dems 688, Labour 149 and UKIP 418 on a 26.22% turnout. In all the circumstances this was a very good effort. Fighting campaigns in January is never easy and the weather included heavy rain, thunder and hail stones - not very encouraging for the reluctant voter. Her win means that the Conservatives regain their 1 seat majority on the council. I am sure that Georgina will prove to be a hard working and effective councillor for the ward and I look forward to working with her.


  1. Nigel - you are a Castle Point resident!

    1. ...and your point is? In fact I have the dubious pleasure of owning a property that straddles the boundary between Southend and Castle Point so I can stand in my front garden with a foot in each camp! I am also the part owner of a business and related premises in central Southend and have been an employer in the town for around 30 years.