Friday, 21 February 2014

Martin Terry makes a run for it!

So one of the Council's worst kept secrets is now out. Independent Party Leader Martin Terry is so concerned that he will not hold his Westborough seat next year that he is resigning a year early to run into the welcoming arms of his Thorpe colleague Ron Woodley. I have no problem with councillors deciding to move from one ward to another so long as they see their term out but to make a run for it before serving the term for which he has been elected is a different matter.Other than having let down the residents of Westborough who voted for him this particular switch raises a number of other interesting issues. He will be standing against Cllr Alex Kaye who 4 years ago Cllr Woodley was assuring Thorpe residents was the best thing since sliced bread but who has since had the temerity to return to the Conservative party of which she was a loyal worker for many years. Indeed Ron made much of that fact that Alex was actually a Tory. He may struggle to use the same ploy with Martin who is an ex unsuccessful Labour Party member and candidate. In the unlikely event that Martin wins the seat against Alex and the other candidates how will this effect the power balance between Martin and Ron, both of whom appear to regard themselves as the real Leader of this alleged non party. Finally Ron does like to believe that he rules the roost in Thorpe - a source of conflict with Alex who correctly regards each ward councillor as equal. So does this announcement suggest that Martin is ready for the role of bag carrier!

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