Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Cllr Ric Morgan

I see in a letter in today’s Echo Independent Councillor Ric Morgan, a supporter of the current administration, is encouraging residents to campaign against the proposed funding to improve junctions on the A13 and A127 and instead seek funding for a new relief road to the north. I don’t disagree that a relief road would be great – an argument that has been made many times before – but the financial reality is that any scheme will not be funded by central government because the economics do not add up. Even if they did such a scheme would be years in the delivery and what is now being offered by the Government is real help now to our overburdened road structure and the logical next step following the improvements already undertaken to Progress Road and Cuckoo Corner. So now that Ric has nailed his colours to the mast I assume we will see him voting against the proposed A127/A13 schemes when he gets the chance!

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