Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The new Thames Crossing

I see that the Government has now announced a delay in making the decision on the new Thames Crossing as it needs to assess the impact of the free flow tolls which are due to take effect in October. I don’t criticise this as in previous posts I have pointed out that it seems ridiculous to start taking decisions of such a significant kind until free flow had bedded in. However this surely further supports my earlier more widespread complaint. Why was any decision taken so early with regard to limiting possible options. I have always argued that free flow will have a significant effect and that this should be implemented as a priority before the position can be properly further assessed. However at that time all possible options should be reconsidered to include a more easterly crossing which would benefit south east Essex and provide a more long term solution to diverting traffic away from the M25 by providing a better route to the east, perhaps incorporating an enhanced M11. What is the point of the current options which take traffic away from the M25 only to dump it back again. The traffic flow problems are not limited to the crossing. Well at least we are half way there so perhaps post free flow there remains the option for a wider rethink. Let us hope that Southend Council and our LEP continue to lead the call for this common sense and more far thinking approach.

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