Friday, 17 April 2015

A political divide?

On what I would hope will be my last need to comment on this issue today the resurfacing which has been carried out has strangely been limited to only the western half of the road surface whereas on the last occasion at the end of March resurfacing extended across the entire road. There were no obvious defects with the surface as originally replaced.

I attach a photograph showing the new divide.

I am now intrigued to discover if they only intend to resurface the one half or whether they are waiting to do the other half until the footpath widening which is currently under way is completed. However if that is the case surely the proposed widening on the other side will affect the twice resurfaced area.

The only other explanation is that this is a wicked scheme on behalf of the Rainbow Alliance to more regularly resurface the half of the road in front of the previous Lib Dem Council Leader’s office than the half in front of the office of the 2 former Conservative leaders. Obviously a serious case of political discrimination!!

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