Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Local Elections 2016

I have taken a break from this blog over recent months instead concentrating my efforts as election agent for John Lamb in West Leigh. It was worth the effort with John enjoying a great result, increasing his majority from 4 years ago.

Overall the evening was a good one for Southend Conservatives gaining seats in Blenheim and Prittlewell as well as defending seats across the Town which as a result of a range of factors to include the looming EU referendum were under challenge.

The results in Belfairs and Leigh were disappointing but may have been influenced by the bizarre intervention of the Leigh Times - but that is a subject for a later blog.

With 24 seats out of 51 there can be no doubt that the democratic mandate rests with the Conservative Party and any further attempt to prevent a return to control would fly in the face of a vote which saw 1 prominent Independent Councillor, and 2 other seats held by central members of the Rainbow Alliance falling to the Tories.

John Lamb has now apparently reached an understanding with UKIP. Let us hope that Ron Woodley has the good grace to resign and let them get on with it rather than hanging on desperately to his Leader’s allowance. It is relevant to note that in 2013 when faced with the same dilemma of a loss of seats I resigned as Leader even though not obliged to do so and then re stood allowing Council to have it say in circumstances where there was no overall control. I was returned to power with the votes of Ron and the Thorpe Bay Independents in return for certain Committee Chairs and concessions so let us hope they do not criticise a similar arrangement with UKIP this time round.

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