Friday, 27 May 2016

M&S till receipts

Without wishing to descend in to the role of a grumpy old man I do not understand the current M&S stance on till receipts.

On the basis that I am not sufficiently organised to bring a packed lunch to work I usually stroll round to M&S in the High Street for a sandwich and an apple.

As the humans on the quick tills have continued to disappear I am increasingly forced to use the self service tills.

I am more than happy with the current rule on plastic bags and have no intention of chipping in an extra 5p so inevitably leave the store simply holding my purchases openly in my hand.

What I am surprised about is the change to the machines which asks whether the customer wants a till receipt – whatever means of payment has been used. It is almost as though we are being encouraged to save paper and go without. I usually request a receipt but today, distracted by a fragrant lady on the next till, I hit the wrong button and found myself leaving the store with my goods on open display and without bag or receipt.

I am not quite sure what I would have been expected to do if I had been stopped by security querying whether I had paid as I had nothing to evidence that I had. The absence of automatically issued receipts, particularly in the absence of free bags, does seem a rather strange development.

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