Thursday, 24 May 2012

Chalk dust and fantasy,

I must admit to avoiding Shoebury Independent. (and former failed Labour candidate)Anne Chalks blog. If in the need of fiction I prefer Robert Ludlum - but I am told that she is now moaning about the proposal to put beach huts on the beach at Shoebury.This proposal was included quite clearly as a new capital item in the capital budget approved by the Council in April. It will come as no surprise that Cllr Chalk made no comment on the proposal during the budget process or debate and certainly did not suggest that it be rejected. Shoebury residents may be thinking why bother have her as a councillor.She is in the privileged position (like all of us) to raise issues of concern at the time not simply at a later date when she thinks there may be a few votes in it.The question is did she not bother to read the budget papers at the time, or did she read them and agree with the proposal and has only changed her mind now.This all sounds very familiar as those who recall my earlier items on Hinguar School will know.

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  1. Nigel, it's the same regarding the CCTV Vehicles. No proposal to abolish the CCTV Vehicles in the budget and I even have the evidence where Anne has asked for the vehicles to patrol certain streets in Shoeburyness yet we constantly hear her faux criticism on this issue. It's interesting though because of all the requests that I have received from members, more requests have come from the Independent Party Group than any other.

    It is this constant saying one thing and doing another that will be resolved by having council meetings filmed. There is one thing that she is consistent on however and that is jumping on every passing bandwagon that passes through town.