Friday, 18 May 2012

Explain that!

At last night's council meeting there was a vote for the Chair of the influential Economic & Enviromental Scrutiny Committee between 2 opposition members - Councillors Woodley and Longley.What I struggle to understand is that having supported Cllr Woodley in his bid to become council leader the entire Labour group then voted against him becoming Chairman of this committee.If they thought he was suitable for Leader why change their collective mind seven days later. Answers on a postcard to Cllr Ian Gilbert!


  1. The answer is quite simple Nigel.

    Basic fairness would dictate that with yourself clinging on to the cabinet, the scrutiny positions be shared out one each between the three opposition groups.

    I voted for a fair arrangement, one Lib Dem, one Independent and one Labour scrutiny chair.

    You have voted to make sure that every scrutiny chair and vice chair has gone to a signatory of your 'memorandum'. The contents of which will come back to bite both Conservative and Independent signatories in the coming years...

  2. Oh dear the bleating continues. If Labour had managed to reach agreement with the other opposition groups it would have had a say in all committee chairs as the Conservatives have only a minority administration.Alternatively there was the opportunity to enter into constructive discussion around the proposed memorandum of agreement which could have included agreement on the allocation of chairs but having failed to engage you forfeited the chance. As it was you were allocated the chair of one of the most important council committees, namely Development Control, and would have received a scrutiny chair had you not insisted on nominating a member, who may have many strengths, but would not be a capable scrutiny chairman - a view which if we were being honest would be confirmed by the vast majority of members across all groups. I was not prepared to allow allocation of an important chair just because you couldn't face this reality notwithstanding the warning given as to what would happen. Perhaps you need to rethink your leadership strategy but no doubt in the meantime it will be everybody else's fault! I would have preferred it if every group had signed up and we had achieved a sensible cross party deal but even I cannot negotiate with a brick wall.

    1. So Nigel, Labour can choose a chair of the committee, as long as they choose the one you want.

      You are an arrogant man.

  3. Nigel, nice to see you have edited your post. Those who wish to see what was originally written can go here -

  4. No Labour (with 6 members out of 51) cannot choose anyone they want. It is for full council to make choices of the Leader and the main committee chairs. My group does not have a majority and cannot force the opposition to do anything. The reality is that Labour chose to propose a member who is not suited to the role - something which members across the council chamber will agree. If the Labour group had proposed a member who was up to the job I am sure they would have had support - just as David Norman received our support as Chairman of DC. I struggle to see the problem or arrogance of that!

    Nigel Holdcroft