Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A tale of 2 cycle paths!

I was surprised to read a letter in today's Echo suggesting that Cllr Steve Aylen had warned a local group that the planned extension of the Prittlebrook Green Way through Belfairs was going to follow a route which would result in the removal of "hundreds of majestic old trees". The reason for my surprise is that no route has been agreed and to suggest that anybody would advocate and agree such a route is ridiculous. My surprise was heightened in that today was the first of 2 meetings arranged at Belfairs for officers and local ward members to discuss the options available and to try to agree on a preferred route - both Councillor Aylen and I were in attendance. A preferred route was agreed by all present (including Steve and me) which would not require the removal of any trees. Steve has been peddling this scare story for years without any proper foundation in fact so perhaps he will now concede that any concern he has caused is unfounded.


  1. If he was peddling this for years why did you wait until he was an independent to criticise him publically?

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    It was no doubt a factor in the decision to deselect him.

    In this case I believe that the timing was quite remarkable with the Echo letter being published on the very day of the pre arranged meeting to discuss a route.

    It is bad enough dealing with misinformation circulated by those who do not have access to all the facts but considerably worse when the misinformation is a deliberate tactic by those who know better.

    If you want another example the "Save Westcliff Library" campaign run by the Independents in Westborough when they were fully aware that no proposal for closure had been discussed or even considered.

    This type of campaign creates unnecessary worry for residents and I believe that those responsible should be accountable.