Saturday, 23 February 2013

The jammy dodger turns sour!

It is always a pleasure to know that opposition members are seeking to broaden their horizons and knowledge by reading my blog entries however I take considerable exception when they then subsequently misquote me and rarely has there been such a misguided, inaccurate and offensive misquote as recently made by new Labour Councillor Ware-Lane (see previous jammy dodger post).

Referring to my recent blog "A tale of two cycle paths", which sought to highlight the difference between Cll Steve Aylen's imaginary and tree destructive cycle path route through Belfairs and the actual suggested route, Cllr Ware-Lane suggested that I was making an offensive reference to Cllr Aylen. If I want to insult someone then I am more than capable of doing so without the assistance of Cllr Ware-Lane or anybody else, and if I do so I will ensure that the language I use is clear and not capable of misinterpretation. To try to suggest that the blog meant something that it did not say and was based on an intent of which there was no evidence or factual basis is simply not acceptable. It is insulting to Cllr Aylen and me and I await a clear and unequivocal withdrawal and apology.


  1. This distasteful joke is as old as the hills and is in common use. Its a well recognised 'play on words' and is as tactful as biscuit related, anecdotal humour.

  2. Thank you for your e mail. I have spoken to many people on this subject and the vast majority have never heard of the expression "cycle path" being used as slang for "psychopath". More to the point why would anyone want to imply that Cllr Aylen is a psychopath? I may be happy to criticise him for his bizarre views and comments on a number of issues but this hardly equates to a serious mental health illness! It also misses the point that the article in question was expressly dealing with 2 cycle path routes through Belfairs. Even if Cllr Ware Lane had thought, without any justification whatsoever, that this was a jibe it is clearly inappropriate for him to publicly allege the link without establishing that it was accurate. As for the biscuit reference I have a member of the Labour group to thank for that one.