Friday, 6 May 2011

Hinguar School

As I have mentioned in an earlier blog the Independents attack on the current level of Council borrowing is bizarre in circumstances where they have made no comment on the 3 monthly treasury management reports presented to them or sought to alter the capital programme. They have also still to identify the council funded capital projects which they would not have undertaken or to explain why they oppose investment in the town's infrastucture which has been anticipated in the funding provided by central government.

However the latest contradiction is their latest stunt on Hinguar School. Everybody agreed that there was an urgent need to build a new replacement school and that no external funding was available. Accordingly it was also agreed that a new school would be build and part funded by the sale of the current site. No objection was made at the time by members of the Independent Party. Now they have been encouraging residents to support a scheme to use the old building for community purposes. Ignoring the additional capital funds which would be needed to convert the old building or the revenue strain of operating it this would leave a massive hole in the funding of the new school which could only be filled by increased borrowing.

To adapt the wise words of George Orwell it would seem that all borrowing is evil but some borrowing is less evil than others - if it can be ignored or manipulated for political advantage.

If all they want to do is run populist campaigns without defending them in the council chamber or providing the necessary funding or plans for delivery why bother to stand for the council - just set up a pressure group. Oh wait a minute what about BERA?

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