Sunday, 22 May 2011

Low proifle for new Independent in St Lukes

I was not the only person astounded when new Independent Councillor Paul Van Looy apparently declined any post on the council's 3 important scrutiny committees - either as a member or even as a substitute. In my time on the council such an approach from a new member is unheard of and certainly the 3 new members of the Tory Group, Adam Jones, Trevor Byford & James Courtenay have been anxious to immediatly play a full role in the affairs of the council. The scrutiny committees are important opportunities to review the actions of the administration without the time restraints and formality of full council meetings, and to investigate other areas of importance to the council. They also give an ideal opportunity for new members to get a real feel for the council's functions and activities. Cllr Van Looy has spent the last 3 years running negative campaigns criticising the Conservative Administration and its members who whilst doing an excellent job representing their ward residents have also stepped up to the wider role of working for the advancement of the whole town. Come on Cllr Van Looy let's be hearing your constructive proposals for the future - after all the rest of us have to enjoy the extended contributions of your party colleagues Terry, Woodley & Assenheim to scrutiny meetings - why should you escape!

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