Sunday, 22 May 2011

What an ass!

For about a decade my award for the most jaw dropping quote by a Southend councillor has remained in the safe hands of Liberal Democrat Alan Crystall. It dates back to when the Lib/Lab Administration was in power in the 90s and plans were announced for a possible demolition of a semi detached house in Leigh which was owned by the Council - it is the house in Elm Road currently occupied by Leigh Town Council. The owner of the attached semi was understandably miffed by the public suggestion of the house attached to his being demolished to which Cllr Crystall responded that he should be happy because he would be getting a detached house!Well not quite Alan. However I am pleased to confirm that the award has now passed to Shoebury Independent Party Councillor Mike Assenheim who in trying to defend his remarkable volte-face on Hinguar School is reported in the Echo as coming out with this peach "I don't think the council is as cash-strapped as it is implying." Frankly for somebody who has been a sitting councillor for 4 years and has sat through detailed budget discussions over the last 12 months to come out with this leaves me speachless. If he really believes it then the residents of Shoebury may consider they would be better served by somebody who has some elementary grasp of public finance. In the meantime he takes my award by demonstrating the ass in Assenheim!!

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