Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Independent angst!

I see that my surprised response to new St Luke's Independent Party councillor Van Looy's refusal to sit on any of the council's scrutiny committees has resulted in the usual angst from his party leader when confronted with any criticism.

We are told that Cllr Van Looy has commented that "I just want to spend more time in St Luke's ward. My priority at the moment is to the residents who have elected me..". Meanwhile his party leader calls my comments "nasty" relying on his colleague being "...a complete novice.." who "... needs to learn to ropes...". Well for somebody who has run one of the most vitriolic and negative campaigns for years perhaps he should have learnt a little more about the role before being so forthright in his criticism of others.It is as important to be representing his residents in formal meetings as dealing with their personal concerns, and as an elected councillor he also has an obligation to contribute to the wider picture. Perhaps his leader should explain that as a member of a committee all that is required is to read the papers in advance, raise any queries with officers, listen to the debate, participate if he has anything relevant to say and , if required, vote. I am delighted that my new members are more than comfortable with doing so as well as dealing with their individual resident's concerns.

Over recent years many independent party candidates have chosen to concentrate on throwing metaphoric stones at sitting councillors and the administration - perhaps it is time to move out of your glass houses!

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